Definition of "merit" []

  • Superior quality or worth; excellence: a proposal of some merit; an ill-advised plan without merit. (noun)
  • A quality deserving praise or approval; virtue: a store having the merit of being open late. (noun)
  • Demonstrated ability or achievement: promotions based on merit alone. (noun)
  • An aspect of character or behavior deserving approval or disapproval. Often used in the plural: judging people according to their merits. (noun)
  • Christianity Spiritual credit granted for good works. (noun)
  • Worth or superior quality; excellence (noun)

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  • A deserving or commendable quality or act (noun)
  • Spiritual credit granted or received for good works (noun)
  • The fact or state of deserving; desert (noun)
  • To be worthy of; deserve (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "merit" in a sentence
  • "The term merit is often applied to Christ's passive obedience as well as to his active."
  • "Pope Gregory XVI (1832) instituted two medals which he called merit-medals to reward civil and military daring and courage."
  • "The association represents what it calls merit-shop contractors, which include both union and non-union businesses."