Definition of "mentum" [‖men•tum]

  • The chin. (noun)
  • A chin-like projection below the mouth of certain mollusks. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mentum" in a sentence
  • "Mentum: a labial sclerite bearing the movable parts; attached to and sometimes fused with the sub-mentum; corresponds to the (united) stipes of maxillae: in Coleoptera, what is usually called mentum is really submentum: in Diptera, the term is applied to the posterior oral margin: in Hymenoptera, is part of "tongue," the second joint bearing the labial palpi, paraglossae and ligula."
  • "A 2004 presidential bid failed to recapture the Joe-mentum'' of the earlier race, and he bowed out early."
  • "As Mike Ditka might say, the Chicago bid needs more mo-mentum as the race nears the wire."