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Definition of "maun" []

  • A Scotch form of moun, must.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "maun" in a sentence
  • ""It's no that, however," said he, "that sud blind a man to facts; and it's true as ye stated it, Leddy Peebles, with yore usual clear-sightedness into a 'human affairs, that a man that's aye drunken, maun be held to be a drunkard; and a man that's aye spendin' whan he should be payin ', maun beware of folks ca'ing him, what ye ca'd him but noo.""
  • "The old lady immediately got up and dropped a very quick and what was meant to be a very respect-showing courtesy, saying at the same time, with much deference, and with one of her involuntary twitches, "I '' maun 'to know!""
  • "But no ae word maun he say to leevin 'sowl aboot it afore it's requiret o' 'im. ""