Definition of "mahfouz" []

  • Naguib (nɑːˈɡiːb). 1911–2006, Egyptian novelist and writer, author of the trilogy of novels Bain al-Kasrain (1945–57). His novel Children of Gebelawi (1959) was banned by the Muslim authorities in Egypt. Nobel prize for literature 1988 (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "mahfouz" in a sentence
  • "But found my self chuckling at this one in particular. along with the one right before by naguib mahfouz."
  • "THE MORE THAT mahfouz SAW AND heard of Faisal, the more he was convinced that this man was no fighter."
  • "Two good coffeeshops you should visit (naguib mahfouz and el fishawy) If your really brave and think you have the stomach for this, there is a restaurant called Farahat that only make grilled and stuffed hamam."