Definition of "mahal" [mahal]

  • A summer house (noun)
  • Private lodgings (noun)
  • A territorial division of pre-independence India (noun)
  • A division of a farm (noun)
  • A division of a hunting preserve (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mahal" in a sentence
  • "So far ada yg ckp bengkel aku ni mahal sgt. sbb tu depa tak pergi. hahahah..mahal erk?"
  • "I think she is the only one who does not realize that, to the ordinary guy in the streets, or to the mom who lost her children to cassava, there is no big difference between "mahal" and shortage."
  • "Five US Monuments To See From Google Earth google earth, great pyramid, machu picchu, roman coliseum, taj mahal, victoria falls"