Definition of "magazine" []

  • A periodical containing a collection of articles, stories, pictures, or other features. (noun)
  • A television program that presents a variety of topics, usually on current events, in a format that often includes interviews and commentary. (noun)
  • A place where goods are stored, especially a building in a fort or a storeroom on a warship where ammunition is kept. (noun)
  • The contents of a storehouse, especially a stock of ammunition. (noun)
  • A compartment in some types of firearms, often a small detachable box, in which cartridges are held to be fed into the firing chamber. (noun)
  • A periodical paperback publication containing articles, fiction, photographs, etc (noun)

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  • A metal box or drum holding several cartridges used in some kinds of automatic firearms; it is removed and replaced when empty (noun)
  • A building or compartment for storing weapons, explosives, military provisions, etc (noun)
  • A stock of ammunition (noun)
  • A device for continuously recharging a handling system, stove, or boiler with solid fuel (noun)
  • A rack for automatically feeding a number of slides through a projector (noun)
  • A TV or radio programme made up of a series of short nonfiction items (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "magazine" in a sentence
  • "He produced a dadaist magazine, Mecano, alongside his ­impeccable de Stijl (the Style) ­magazine, which was devoted to a ­theory of ­abstraction."
  • "The Batman and Robin magazine is being created by Quitely and Grant Morrison, a Scottish team who did wonderful things for All-Star Superman -- including delivering it on time, something Frank Miller and Jim Lee had trouble managing with All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder."
  • "• Finally, many interesting things emerge from the talk between the Word magazine and the rock of all ages Keith Richards but what stays in the mind is the fact that one of his dogs is called Syphilis and the other Ratbag."