Definition of "machinery" []

  • Machines or machine parts considered as a group. (noun)
  • The working parts of a particular machine. (noun)
  • A system of related elements that operate in a definable manner: diplomatic and political machinery. (noun)
  • A device or means of achieving or effecting a result. (noun)
  • A literary device for bringing about an effect, such as a happy ending. (noun)
  • Machines, machine parts, or machine systems collectively (noun)

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  • A particular machine system or set of machines (noun)
  • A system similar to a machine (noun)
  • Literary devices used for effect in epic poetry (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "machinery" in a sentence
  • "The remarkable thing about the machinery is the extent to which it truly functions in the way you and I imagine or think of a machine."
  • "The great rotary presses in the basement of the _Record_ building had filled him with a new enthusiasm: he had painted there, and Sir James had bought at sight, what he called a machinery-scape in the manner of Heinrich Kley."
  • "Milly would, if she could, have stuck her fingers into what she called the machinery of the thing."