Definition of "lur" []

  • A large bronze musical horn found in Danish peat bogs and probably dating to the Bronze Age (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "lur" in a sentence
  • "K'lur's response was a rough grunt that left Moran feeling uneasy until they were airborne and the dragon went/between."
  • ""A harper may have more than one journeyman," Moran temporized quickly, hoping that his surprise at K'lur's news hadn't shown on his face."
  • "At K'lur's commanding gesture, Crom Hold guards formed up on Moran's flanks to prevent his escape and his walk assumed the nature of a march -- a march of doom."
  • "The people of Asen Falls—all five or six that survived the fighting in their village and the subsequent influx of every hiresword and cutthroat left stranded when their masters died or were ruined on Thelyand Ford—thought there was a voras lur haunting the rivers and sunken mass graves nearby."
  • "The voras lur did exist, and the Thorns had created it."