Definition of "lugubriousness" [lu•gu•bri•ous•ness]

  • The property of being lugubrious. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "lugubriousness" in a sentence
  • "In many families, the negativity, the self-obsession, and the lugubriousness are irritants, and because depression is physically inivisble, families often doubt that it is real, and blame the sufferer."
  • "Lockheart's fine 2009 CD, In Deep, represented the saxophonist's lateral lyricism, reflecting Polar Bear's offbeat, lugubriousness and rhythmic ingenuity but also featuring elements that the late, great composer Gil Evans would have empathised with: slow theme developments and crafty twists to familiar methods."
  • "In all lugubriousness, we try not to bemoan the nature of our captivity within the clutches of capitalism too loudly, yet sometimes the pangs of hunger necessitate shirking our duties with the LNN for the sake of maintaining one's foothold in the nefarious cabal of the corporate world."
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