Definition of "listed" []

  • A strip of boneless meat, esp the undercut of a sirloin of beef (noun)
  • The boned side of a fish (noun)
  • The white meat of breast and wing of a chicken (noun)
  • A narrow strip of any material (noun)
  • A thin strip of ribbon, lace, etc, worn in the hair or around the neck (noun)
  • A narrow flat moulding, esp one between other mouldings (noun)
  • A narrow band between two adjacent flutings on the shaft of a column (noun)
  • A narrow strip of welded metal of approximately triangular cross-section used to join steel members at right angles (noun)
  • A horizontal division of a shield, one quarter of the depth of the chief (noun)
  • The top member of a cornice (noun)
  • A band of sensory nerve fibres in the brain connected to the thalamus (noun)
  • A narrow decorative line, impressed on the cover of a book (noun)
  • A wheel tool used to impress such lines (noun)
  • To cut or prepare (meat or fish) as a fillet (verb)
  • To cut fillets from (meat or fish) (verb)
  • To surgically remove a bone from (part of the body) so that only soft tissue remains (verb)
  • To bind or decorate with or as if with a fillet (verb)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of list. (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

  • Entered on a list, especially an official one (adjective)
  • Protected from demolition or alteration (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "listed" in a sentence
  • "However, many European banks also are listed in the U.S., exposing them to immediate market scrutiny that their non-U. S.-listed peers would escape."
  • "By contrast, he said, many stocks listed on Chinese exchanges are trading at more than 40 times their earnings per share, making the U. S.-listed stocks a relative bargain."
  • "The surprise move by the Sino-American duo, announced Feb. 1, gave them 12% of Rio's U. K.-listed shares and 9% of the company's total equity, including shares listed in Australia."