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Definition of "leye" [leye]

  • Etc. See ley, etc.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "leye" in a sentence
  • "And zif here fadre had not ben dronken, he hadde not y leye with hem."
  • "But sothe it is, that this confessioun was first and kyndely: but seynt Petre the apostle, and thei that camen aftre him, han ordeynd to make here confessioun to man; and be gode resoun: for thei perceyveden wel, that no syknesse was curable, by gode medycyne to leye therto, but zif men knewen the nature of the maladye."
  • "And when he had remembered himself he threw away his sword, and judged himself better to vanquish in suffering of death, than to leye his holy hands in the blood of the felons."