Definition of "levite" []

  • A member of the priestly tribe of Levi (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "levite" in a sentence
  • "Every priest and levite who served in the temple would have been in violation."
  • "I also saw that there are linguistic objections to the Koestler theory, as well as the cohanite/levite descent one, and Koestler's pet theory has of course since been disproved by genetic profiling."
  • "Jewish Genetics, Part 2: Cohens and Levites kohen, cohen, levite DNAIn a similar way, there is no Jewish haplotype and genetics cannot ‘prove’ whether someone is a Jew; that is a matter for religious authorities."
  • "This spoken from the perspective of another? curly levite beard-wearer."
  • "His lank, sleek gray hair, cut in somewhat ecclesiastical fashion; the black trousers, black stockings, black waistcoat, and long puce-colored greatcoat (styled a levite in the south), all completed his resemblance to a Jesuit."