Definition of "level" []

  • Relative position or rank on a scale: the local level of government; studying at the graduate level. (noun)
  • A relative degree, as of achievement, intensity, or concentration: an unsafe level of toxicity; a high level of frustration. (noun)
  • A natural or proper position, place, or stage: I finally found my own level in the business world. (noun)
  • Position along a vertical axis; height or depth: a platform at knee level. (noun)
  • A horizontal line or plane at right angles to the plumb. (noun)
  • On a horizontal plane (adjective)

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  • Having a surface of completely equal height (adjective)
  • Being of the same height as something else (adjective)
  • (of quantities to be measured, as in recipes) even with the top of the cup, spoon, etc (adjective)
  • Equal to or even with (something or someone else) (adjective)
  • Not having or showing inconsistency or irregularities (adjective)
  • Even-tempered; steady (adjective)
  • To make (a surface) horizontal, level, or even (verb)
  • To make (two or more people or things) equal, as in position or status (verb)
  • To raze to the ground (verb)
  • To knock (a person) down by or as if by a blow (verb)
  • To direct (a gaze, criticism, etc) emphatically at someone (verb)
  • To be straightforward and frank (verb)
  • To manoeuvre an aircraft into a horizontal flight path after a dive, climb, or glide (verb)
  • To aim (a weapon) horizontally (verb)
  • To determine the elevation of a section of (land), sighting through a levelling instrument to a staff at successive pairs or points (verb)
  • A horizontal datum line or plane (noun)
  • A device, such as a spirit level, for determining whether a surface is horizontal (noun)
  • A surveying instrument consisting basically of a telescope with a spirit level attached, used for measuring relative heights of land (noun)
  • A reading of the difference in elevation of two points taken with such an instrument (noun)
  • Position or status in a scale of values (noun)
  • Amount or degree of progress; stage (noun)
  • A specified vertical position; altitude (noun)
  • A horizontal line or plane with respect to which measurement of elevation is based (noun)
  • A flat even surface or area of land (noun)
  • A horizontal passage or drift in a mine (noun)
  • Any of the successive layers of material that have been deposited with the passage of time to build up and raise the height of the land surface (noun)
  • The ratio of the magnitude of a physical quantity to an arbitrary magnitude (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "level" in a sentence
  • "Public Service Commission shall ensure provincial representation in national processes while simultaneously ensuring that there is full and direct accountability at provincial level for the implementation that takes place at that level*."
  • "But Germany, let us help Lamprecht to say, since he does not himself draw this conclusion, has failed to emerge upon the level of an exalted ecstasy, failed to produce the philosophical, the moral and religious fruit of its new impulses, _failed, in a word, to find its dominant on a high level_, precisely as often the promising individual fails and has expressed his truly great nature in low forms of activity."
  • "I'd like to turn the following function into a MySQL stored function, but I'm fairly new to the concept: int getCharacterLevel (int numXP) int level = 1; while (numXP > 4 + level) numXP - = 4 + level++; return level;"