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Definition of "kgm" [kgm]

  • An abbreviation of kilogrammeter, the gravitational unit of work. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "kgm" in a sentence
  • "Fact is that the force of gravity is 9.8 kgm/s2, c = 300,000 km/sec, DNA is a double helix, etc."
  • "Thus, for example, work would be indicated by the letter W (initial of the word); the C.G.S. unit is the _erg_, which would be written without abbreviation, on account of its being short; and the practical units would be the kilogrammeter (_kgm_), the grammeter (_gm_), etc. The multiples would be the _meg-erg_, the tonne-meter (_t-m_), etc.Mr. Jamieson's propositions have been in great part approved."
  • "Tata Ace which offers just 16 bhp and 3.8 kgm of torque."
  • "Answer: We must always choose a direction for which we will define as positive, in this case we will choose North as being the positive direction So p m v p 1200 2 p 2400 kgm/s North You must always give a direction when working out the momentum, since it is a vector!"
  • "Otherwise they were both completely regular production cars powered by a 540 hp 65° V12 engine that delivers maximum torque of 60 kgm at 5,250 rpm."