Definition of "keller" []

  • Gottfried. 1819–90, Swiss novelist and short-story writer, who wrote in German: noted esp for the novel Der Grüne Heinrich (1855, rewritten 1880) (noun)
  • Helen (Adams). 1880–1968, US author and lecturer. Blind and deaf from infancy, she was taught to read, write, and speak and became noted for her work for disabled people (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "keller" in a sentence
  • "However, it wasn't until a trip to Germany inspired the brewers to use open fermentation that the beer finally obtained the flavors they were seeking (and also inspired the name -- "keller" is German for cellar, the name breweries give to their fermentation systems)."
  • "Also rejoining will be Giovanni Gulino (drums) and Joe Berger aka 'The Berger-meister' (guitar) friends from all over the world gathering in the special atmosphere of Jazzkeller Frankfurt, the oldest jazz club in Germany, a hundreds year old 'keller' below the ground near the Alte Oper in center of Frankfurt."
  • "Five People Born on January 21 abraham lincoln, adrien brody, al pacino, anne sullivan, anthony michael hall, frank serpico, helen keller, Sir John Gielgud"
  • "Her at home we have about l50 Acres we handle proper by seeding, fertilizer, weed keller and we harvest the sub-prim (gene lacking) small body thin horn bucks."
  • "NYT cease publication or fire draft dodger sulzberger and oli tycoon scion keller."