Definition of "kano" []

  • A state of N Nigeria: consists of wooded savanna in the south and scrub vegetation in the north. Capital: Kano. Pop: 9 383 682 (2006). Area: 20 131 sq km (7773 sq miles) (noun)
  • A city in N Nigeria, capital of Kano state: transport and market centre. Pop: 674 100 (1996 est) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "IKA: kano is sik i learning to become an mc i think hes the best mc in the industry dizze gud and demon but kano got it lock down with key"
  • "Obete iru toki watashi wa kano sei wa lu watashi wa anata aishite?"
  • "One such area was indoors in raised loft-like structures called * - kano. 76 But later Ruvu descendent communities maintained a variety of additional storage units."
  • "Note 76: Proto-Ruvu * - kano "indoor raised storehouse.""
  • "The Federal Goverment of Nigeria claimed $8.5 billion USD case against Pfizer international over the trovan test in1996 at kano resulted to the death of hundreds childrens while some became paralysed, kano state goverment has confirmed moves for an out-of-court settlement for speedy releaf to the victims who are still a live and facing serious hardship in life over the Trovan test."