Definition of "kaliyuga" []

  • The last of the four Hindu periods contained in a mahāyuga, or great age of the world, and analogous to the iron age of classic mythology. (noun)
  • (in Hindu mythology) the fourth (present) age of the world, characterized by total decadence (noun)

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Use "kaliyuga" in a sentence
  • "Thus, Sukhe Batur – leader of the 1921 Mongolian Communist Revolution against the extremely harsh rule of the White Russian and Japanese-backed Baron von Ungern-Sternberg – inspired his troops with the Kalachakra account of the war to end the kaliyuga."
  • "It relates that at the end of the kaliyuga, Vishnu will appear in his final incarnation as Kalki, taking birth in the village of Shambhala as the son of the brahman Vishnu Yashas."
  • "His victory will mark the end of the kaliyuga – "the age of disputes," during which Dharma practice will degenerate."