Definition of "kabyles" []

  • A member of a Berber people inhabiting the E Atlas Mountains in Tunisia and Algeria (noun)
  • The dialect of Berber spoken by this people (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "kabyles" in a sentence
  • "Arabs of the Sahara, and of Lower Suse, from whose (_kabyles_) clans, the Arabs cultivators are early emigrations; almost all of them having their original stock in the Sahara."
  • "Christian doctrine, it is perhaps necessary that I should elucidate this retaliative doctrine by an example: -- Two men quarrel, and fight; they draw their kumäyas (curved daggers about 12 inches long), which all the people of Haha wear, as well as all the clans or kabyles of Shelluhs; and if one happens to give his antagonist a"
  • "If the former should die, his next of kin takes his place, and pursues his enemy, whose life is never safe; insomuch that, whole kabyles, when this deadly animosity has reached its acme, have been known to quit"
  • "_Sultan of Fas, of Maroksh_ [Marocco], _of Suse, and of Draha, and of Tafilelt and Tuat, together with all the kabyles_ [tribes] _of the West, and of the Berebbers of Atlas, &c."