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  • In India, a gown, especially one that is long and very full, folded into many plaits. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "Jonathan > >: The biggie, for me, is that my Twitter stream seems open, while my Facebook status feels locked behind Facebook's doors. eske > >: couldn't find anything on "jama" - but "quotably" didn't do much for me in relation to threaded conversations - gimme a heads up if you know of something better. markmedia1 > >: @jonathan yes."
  • "Squad = فرقة which is pronounced firqa, which has the connotations of being a team. if you want to add small, it would be firqa sageera. also, squad can be: jama-uh, but it is more of a group. combat patrol would be: (n) dooria qital."
  • "Français · Conversation avec Annie Paul, écrivaine et blogueuse indo-jamaïcaine"