Definition of "ix" []

  • The Roman numerals signifying nine; denoting a quantity consisting of one more than eight and one less than ten. (adjective)
  • Saint, original name Bruno of Egisheim. 1002–54, pope (1049–54): first of the great medieval reforming popes. Conflict with the Eastern Church led to the schism between Rome and Constantinople (1054). Feast day: April 19 (noun)

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Use "ix" in a sentence
  • "Page 53 connection cannot be assumed without separating x¹ a from x¹ b, with which, however, it obviously forms a group, and entirely disregarding the relations which the groups x, ix: ix¹, x¹ bear to one another and to the dolphin 0¹."
  • "The less rigid correspondence of these groups (x, ix: ix¹, x¹), as caused some difficulty."
  • "The fix ix is to uphold the current laws and illegals need to be put out of the country."