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Definition of "ison" [ison]

  • In the music of the Greek Church, the sign for the key-note. (noun)
  • A suffix, really -son, with an element (-i-) belonging to the stem in some nouns coming from Latin through the Old French. It is equivalent to -ation, -etion, -ition, in nouns originally abstract. Examples are comparison, fermison, garrison, jettison, orison, venison, warnison. In benison and malison doublets of benediction and malediction, the -i- belongs to the reduced radical. In caparison the termination is conformative. See -son, -tion.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ison" in a sentence
  • "They're a venomous set of riptyles and their p'ison's none the milder, for the loss of Hist."
  • "The Navy Department told me that promotion information is not considered an update to the DD-214 ... it is what ison my discharge that matters and my discharge, again in the hands ofthe TWS administration AND the"
  • "For those that want to follow and contribute, but aren't in those areas, Crisis Camp ison Twitter as well."