Definition of "invulnerable" []

  • Immune to attack; impregnable. (adjective)
  • Impossible to damage, injure, or wound. (adjective)
  • Incapable of being wounded, hurt, damaged, etc, either physically or emotionally (adjective)

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  • Incapable of being damaged or captured (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "invulnerable" in a sentence
  • "The more invulnerable the Empire is, the more invulnerable is Canada."
  • "The mystic is, in short, invulnerable, and must be left, whether we relish it or not, in undisturbed enjoyment of his creed."
  • "The riveting actor, best known as the invulnerable RoboCop, has brilliantly hit the skids as Stan Liddy, a corrupt Miami PD officer who gets busted by Internal Affairs."