Definition of "intention" []

  • A course of action that one intends to follow. (noun)
  • An aim that guides action; an objective. (noun)
  • Purpose with respect to marriage: honorable intentions. (noun)
  • Medicine The process by which or the manner in which a wound heals. (noun)
  • Archaic Import; meaning. (noun)
  • A purpose or goal; aim (noun)

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  • The resolve or design with which a person does or refrains from doing an act, a necessary ingredient of certain offences (noun)
  • A natural healing process, as by first intention, in which the edges of a wound cling together with no tissue between, or by second intention, in which the wound edges adhere with granulation tissue (noun)
  • Design or purpose with respect to a proposal of marriage (esp in the phrase honourable intentions) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "intention" in a sentence
  • "If it gets any sense of completeness to it I might release it online as something of a web serial, since my intention is a series of short stories akin to episodes of a TV show or issues of a comic book."
  • "It seems to me that this intention is the only difference between Front-Loaded Evolution and plain-old non-teleological evolution."
  • "Seeing the intention is to be a book, and not a radio drama or play, I will rate it here."