Definition of "intact" [in•tact]

  • (adjective) Remaining sound, entire, or uninjured; not impaired in any way.
  • (adjective) Having all physical parts, especially:
  • (adjective) Having the hymen unbroken.
  • (adjective) Not castrated.

Use "intact" in a sentence

  • "I realize I'm inviting much ridicule from my friends on the left, but I'm going to write this post anyway, and I'm going to leave the title intact - Why Twitter Matters & The Left Should Be Nervous."
  • "I left the title intact but change the instances in the text."
  • "The reason why the identification will remain intact is that identified works compete on an equal footing, if not better, with any illegal, unidentified copies; there is no penalty for holding a properly identified copy so why risk holding an illegal copy?"

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