Definition of "incompatibility" []

  • The state or quality of being incompatible. (noun)
  • Mutually exclusive or antagonistic qualities or things. (noun)
  • Incapable of living or existing together in peace or harmony; conflicting or antagonistic (adjective)

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  • Opposed in nature or quality; inconsistent (adjective)
  • (of an office, position, etc) only able to be held by one person at a time (adjective)
  • (esp of two drugs or two types of blood) incapable of being combined or used together; antagonistic (adjective)
  • (of two propositions) unable to be both true at the same time (adjective)
  • Not capable of forming successful grafts (adjective)
  • Incapable of fertilizing each other (adjective)
  • A person or thing that is incompatible with another (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "incompatibility" in a sentence
  • "In all of the written pieces I found Coyne specifically points out that the incompatibility is of a philosophical nature."
  • "So maybe I could say back incompatibility is OK – after all, the Wizards adventure products in 3e were all derivative “returns to” the original great D&D adventure locales, from the Temple of Elemental Evil to the Ruins of Greyhawk."
  • "You get a short-term incompatibility that gets fixed when everyone implements a more inclusive policy or smarts about the new namespace."