Definition of "in re" [in re]

  • Law In the matter or case of; in regard to. (preposition)

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Use "in re" in a sentence
  • "Examples: with reënter, the e in re is pronounced “EE,” while the first e in enter is pronounced “EH.”"
  • "Indeed, the sole result of Guderian's visit was that OKW briefly turned its attention to the Eastern front and ordered (while Guderian was returning to Zossen and without informing him) the two SS Panzer divisions of Gille's corps which were in re - serve behind Warsaw to proceed to Hungary and "raise the siege of Budapest.""
  • "The powder is kept in an étui called Makhalah and applied with a thick blunt needle to the inside of the eyelid, drawing it along the rim; hence etui and probe denote the sexual rem in re and in cases of adultery the question will be asked, Didst thou see the needle in the"
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