Definition of "imperialistic" []

  • The policy or practice of extending a state's rule over other territories (noun)
  • An instance or policy of aggressive behaviour by one state against another (noun)
  • The extension or attempted extension of authority, influence, power, etc, by any person, country, institution, etc (noun)
  • A system of imperial government or rule by an emperor (noun)
  • The spirit, character, authority, etc, of an empire (noun)
  • Advocacy of or support for any form of imperialism (noun)
  • Of or pertaining to imperialism or imperialists; favoring imperialism. (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "imperialistic" in a sentence
  • "If the US and NATO impose a no-fly zone, it gives Gaddafi a frame he thrives in: Libya against what he calls the imperialistic and neo-colonial interventions of evil America and the West."
  • "As we and before we go back to you at the CNN Center, Danielle Ortega, the president of Nicaragua is addressing the U.N. right now, really lambasting what he calls imperialistic and capitalistic oppression of victims in parts of the world according to him, that suffer from big corporations and those who are only in it for big profits."
  • "They then proceeded to engage in imperialistic warmongering with the Roman Empire."