Definition of "impassive" []

  • Devoid of or not subject to emotion. (adjective)
  • Revealing no emotion; expressionless. (adjective)
  • Archaic Incapable of physical sensation. (adjective)
  • Motionless; still. (adjective)
  • Not revealing or affected by emotion; reserved (adjective)

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  • Calm; serene; imperturbable (adjective)
  • Unconscious or insensible (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "impassive" in a sentence
  • ""To visitation of the impassive air," is a sonorous verse; but it is not Dante's verse, unless _all detached_ means _on every side is open to visitation_, and _impassive air_ means"
  • "Ella avoided looking at him and kept her expression impassive as she served the dewberry cobbler and cream."
  • "Choudhury forced herself to keep her expression impassive and nonthreatening."