Definition of "idealism" [i•de•al•ism]

  • (noun) The act or practice of envisioning things in an ideal form.
  • (noun) Pursuit of one's ideals.
  • (noun) Idealized treatment of a subject in literature or art.
  • (noun) Philosophy The theory that the object of external perception, in itself or as perceived, consists of ideas.

Use "idealism" in a sentence

  • "We suspect that, for most people, the difference between “self-congratulatory idealism” and admirable idealism comes down to this: If the idealism is about something that is safely in the past or safely far away and has nothing to do with me, it's admirable, or at least harmless; if it does have something to do with me and my behavior, then it must be judgmental and self-congratulatory."
  • "Corresponding to this individualistic tendency on the part of absolute idealism, there has been recently projected a _personal idealism_, or"
  • "That's what they call idealism; the word's vastly abused, but the thing is good."

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