Definition of "ice-fishing" [ice-fishing]

  • The act or method of fishing through holes cut in the ice, usually with hook and line. The most common mode of ice-fishing is by means of the tilter or tilt-up. See tilter. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ice-fishing" in a sentence
  • "When ice-fishing, use a sounder to place the bait at a depth that is 1 foot above the weeds."
  • "My favorite venison meal was a roasted backstrap I made from a deer that my ice-fishing buddy had shot earlier in the year."
  • "Part ice-fishing competition, part party, part reason to act up, and part reason to swim in the frigid waters of Leech Lake, the Eel Pout festival draws thousands onto the ice for a Woodstock-esque celebration."