Definition of "ice-box" [ice-box]

  • An ice-chest; a small refrigerator. (noun)
  • The compartment in a refrigerator or an ice-chest for containing the ice. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ice-box" in a sentence
  • "Every Sunday, our leader in New Roads, La., a woman named Tiny Hood, battered up fried chicken with a deep crunch and Louisiana tang I dream of almost a half-century later and I can still taste her lemon ice-box pie."
  • "King lay lazily on the cushions of a first-class carriage in the rear, utterly absorbed in the principles of antiseptic dressing, as if that had anything to do with Prussians and the Khyber Pass; and Ismail attended to the careful packing of soda water bottles in the ice-box on the floor."
  • "The old woman took a scoop and scooped some from an ice-box - a good large helping, which she slapped between wafers."