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  • "But they are designed for flat response (but the beyers have a range of 3-35k hz which is amazing for pro use but listening to commercial music they are too good and you hear the hidden flaws."
  • "Even native species plantings or hardscaping around the structure and beneath the riverside overhang would give this project a sense of completion. hz on 09 Feb 2009 at 7: 34 am # too many rectangles"
  • "His psychological profile is remarkable considering his power, and it fits that of a detached scientist working on the atomic bomb, knowing full well its intentions but is apathetic regardless. hz, on March 15th, 2009 at 10: 25 am Said: hmm …"
  • "A human goes from unconscious (less than 4 hz) to the highest form of consciousness (up to 120 Hz)."