Definition of "hypnosis" []

  • An artificially induced altered state of consciousness, characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to direction. (noun)
  • Hypnotism. (noun)
  • A sleeplike condition. (noun)
  • An artificially induced state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind become more accessible: used clinically to reduce reaction to pain, to encourage free association, etc (noun)

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Use "hypnosis" in a sentence
  • "Professor Whorwell concludes, The term hypnosis was coined by a Manchester surgeon, James Braid, early in the nineteenth century, and it's been in and out of fashion ever since."
  • "… 30 … The Scottish surgeon James Braid, intrigued by one such performance, began to study the practice, ultimately publishing his findings under the title "hypnosis," derived from the Greek word "to sleep.""
  • "His training in hypnosis, psychology, and fitness enables him to best help in both mind and body towards complete fitness."