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  • Howard. 1905–76, US industrialist, aviator, and film producer. He became a total recluse during the last years of his life (noun)
  • (James Mercer) Langston. 1902–67, US Black poet and writer. His collections include The Weary Blues (1926) and The Panther and the Lash (1967) (noun)
  • Richard (Arthur Warren). 1900–76, British novelist. He wrote A High Wind in Jamaica (1929), In Hazard (1938), and The Fox in the Attic (1961) (noun)
  • Robert (Studley Forrest). 1938–2012, Australian art critic, writer, and broadcaster; his work includes the television series The Shock of the New (1981) and the book The Culture of Complaint (1993) (noun)
  • Ted, full name Edward James Hughes. 1930–98, British poet: his works include The Hawk in the Rain (1957), Crow (1970), and Birthday Letters (1998). Poet laureate (1984–98) (noun)
  • Thomas. 1822–96, British novelist; author of Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857) (noun)
  • William Morris. 1864–1952, Australian statesman, born in England: prime minister of Australia (1915–23) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Labels: ben stein, ferris bueller, john hughes comments:"
  • "I believe she'll just be a "no show" like her many other events. hughes"
  • "If you are a hughes fan why would you not want to see what he wrote."