Definition of "hoots" []

  • Variant of hoot2. (interjection)
  • The mournful wavering cry of some owls (noun)

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  • A similar sound, such as that of a train whistle (noun)
  • A jeer of derision (noun)
  • An amusing person or thing (noun)
  • To jeer or yell (something) contemptuously (at someone) (verb)
  • To drive (political speakers, actors on stage, etc) off or away by hooting (verb)
  • To make a hoot (verb)
  • To blow a horn (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "hoots" in a sentence
  • "It was a sore blow to The Pilot, who had set his heart upon a church, and neither Mrs. Muir's "hoots" at her husband's slowness nor her promises that she "wad mak him hear it" could bring comfort or relieve his gloom."
  • "For Athenians who like to get folk-y, "hoots" most likely refers to music variety shows organized by the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society."
  • "Zeman hoots with laughter and loads another video."