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Definition of "heritability" []

  • The condition of being inheritable (noun)
  • The ratio of the genetic variance of a population to its phenotypic variance; i.e. the proportion of variability that is genetic in origin (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "heritability" in a sentence
  • "My point was limited to correcting a misstatment of the meaning of the term heritability, nothing more."
  • "Others, such as David Goldstein of Duke University, think that heritability is hiding in rare genetic variants, not common ones — in "private mutations," genetic peculiarities that are shared by just a few people each."
  • "According to Gould (author of The Mismeasure of Man), the idea of heritability is confused by many: "If all environments were to become equal for everyone, heritability would rise to 100% because all remaining differences in IQ would necessarily be genetic in origin.""