Definition of "hench" [hench]

  • The narrow side of chimney stack, a haunch. (noun)
  • The side of an arch from the topmost part (crown) to the bottommost part (impost). (noun)
  • To be a henchman or henchwoman, usually for a supervillain. (verb)
  • Big, strong, and muscular. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "hench" in a sentence
  • "“It is illegal to lie to a notary,” the henchman said, as he shifted his hench from one shoulder to the other."
  • "There were so many loopholes and shelters that only the chumps got that big of a bite taken out of their pockets - hench the alternative minimum tax was created."
  • "Caught in the vamp-vs.-werewolf standoff between the Salvatore bros and the vengeful Jules with hunky new Brady as her hench-wolf, poor Caroline is shot in the head, trapped in a cage and repeatedly shot, sprayed and tortured by Caleb until novice were-teen Tyler is delivered."