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Use "hb" in a sentence
  • "I finally, truly, realize how the Munchkins felt about Dorothy. — hb"
  • "It goes into the general fund, part of it must fund public safety, but then the authorizing bill stripped out non-supplant language (hb 3179), so, it could be a shell game to some degree, though the KC budget already commits a boatload of money to those things already. giffy"
  • "With the state pushing a new doubling of doe permits in the 30 counties w/the highest deer/car accident rates (hb 1585) many Hoosier hunters are a bit worried about the future of hunting in Indiana and I've already heard grumblings about the state pushing a high harvest rate to justify the higher permit numbers in this bill."
  • "The hb printing was very small, and quickly sold out."
  • "The poor guy has to raise more money for Scientology so he needs all the money he can get. hb"