Definition of "handout" [hand•out]

  • Food, clothing, or money given to the needy. (noun)
  • A folder or leaflet circulated free of charge. (noun)
  • A sheet or sheets of paper containing topical information, distributed to people attending a speech, lecture, or meeting. (noun)
  • A prepared news or publicity release. (noun)
  • Clothing, food, or money given to a needy person (noun)

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  • A leaflet, free sample, etc, given out to publicize something (noun)
  • A statement or other document distributed to the press or an audience to confirm, supplement, or replace an oral presentation (noun)
  • To distribute (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "handout" in a sentence
  • "Many Republicans have opposed the plan, which they call a handout for irresponsible homeowners and unscrupulous lenders."
  • "The people really for it are the ones just wanting a handout from the government, the rest of us are already PAYING for healthcare either in the form of insurance or out of our pockets (BY CHOICE) as it is."
  • "Anyone with a crappy car can get a free handout from the rich taxpayers to upgrade their ride."