Definition of "half-drowned" []

  • Nearly dead or killed by immersion in liquid (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "half-drowned" in a sentence
  • "Found half-drowned on the beach below the village."
  • "Even David Silva's effervescence seemed to have been quenched, while Samir Nasri has looked much more like the half-drowned butterfly of the second half of last season than the player whose devastatingly penetrative form for Arsenal up to Christmas 2010 persuaded City's recruiters – and just about everyone else in English football – that he was about to become one of the Premier League's most influential performers."
  • "On deck perhaps a dozen gasping, half-drowned, and half-stunned wretches were rolling about or attempting to crawl into safety."
  • "Came dark, overcast days, stiff, driving winds and Pelting rains, day on day, without end, and the city folk cowered in their dwelling-places like flood-beset rats; and like rats, half-drowned and gasping, when the weather cleared they crawled out and up the green Piedmont slopes to bask in the blessed sunshine."
  • "My heart leapt at beholding this mighty figure of a man-killer and slave-driver, it is true, but who sprang first into the teeth of danger so that his slaves might follow, and who emerged with a half-drowned slave in either hand."