Definition of "haitians" []

  • Relating to or characteristic of Haiti, its inhabitants, or their language (adjective)
  • A native, citizen, or inhabitant of Haiti (noun)
  • The creolized French spoken in Haiti (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "haitians" in a sentence
  • "Dominicans, because of their own issues with the fact that they are descendants of slaves, treat haitians like third-class citizens."
  • "On the other part there are these sugarcane plantations with modern slavery situation which still exist for 200,000 haitians."
  • "And sometimes hundreds of haitians are deported back on trucks by military …"
  • "This fact is true if you every met a real haitians they will tell you the same stories."
  • "Get all them goddamn haitians back to their arab slavers so that they dont attempt to re populate america with their aids, tubercolosis infested breedings."