Definition of "grecian" []

  • (esp of beauty or architecture) conforming to Greek ideals, esp in being classically simple (adjective)
  • A scholar of or expert in the Greek language or literature (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "grecian" in a sentence
  • "DougGuerra Uncategorized john keats, ode on a grecian urn, sally bliumis-dunn"
  • "So when I had the privilege of viewing St. John's Fall 2011 collection, I marveled over a collection that paid homage to a bygone era think the Yves St. Laurent grecian satin gowns of the 1970s juxtaposed with a luxe, mohair swing coat, which evoked images of a mod, sinewy Twiggy while thrusting itself, seams-first, if you will, into modernity."
  • "Alexander Andreas Alfonso Alberto Valtorta Méndez # hahaha funny, she was my great-great-aunt, I know she was nuts but, let me tell you something, that perfect grecian profile was not all made by the surgeon, we all have a similar profile in the family, except that we don´t have the nasal bridge so tall."