Definition of "gorge" []

  • A deep narrow passage with steep rocky sides; a ravine. (noun)
  • A narrow entrance into the outwork of a fortification. (noun)
  • The throat; the gullet: The gory sight made my gorge rise. (noun)
  • The crop of a hawk. (noun)
  • An instance of gluttonous eating. (noun)
  • A deep ravine, esp one through which a river runs (noun)

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  • The contents of the stomach (noun)
  • Feelings of disgust or resentment (esp in the phrase one's gorge rises) (noun)
  • An obstructing mass (noun)
  • A narrow rear entrance to a work (noun)
  • The narrow part of a bastion or outwork (noun)
  • The throat or gullet (noun)
  • (of hawks) to eat until the crop is completely full (verb)
  • To swallow (food) ravenously (verb)
  • To stuff (oneself) with food (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "gorge" in a sentence
  • "Gouging it's way ever downward into the gorge is a river."
  • "Lake Linderman was no more than a narrow mountain gorge filled with water."
  • "Telling that to people in the gorge is like telling Saudia Arabia to conserve gasoline."