Definition of "gondola" []

  • Nautical A lightweight narrow barge with ends that curve up into a point and often a small cabin in the middle, propelled with a single oar from the stern and used on the canals of Venice. (noun)
  • Nautical A flatbottom riverboat. (noun)
  • A gondola car. (noun)
  • A basket, enclosure, or instrument sling suspended from and carried aloft by a balloon. (noun)
  • An enclosed structure suspended from a cable, used for conveying passengers, as to and from a ski slope. (noun)
  • A long narrow flat-bottomed boat with a high ornamented stem and a platform at the stern where an oarsman stands and propels the boat by sculling or punting: traditionally used on the canals of Venice (noun)

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  • A car or cabin suspended from an airship or balloon (noun)
  • A moving cabin suspended from a cable across a valley, etc (noun)
  • A flat-bottomed barge used on canals and rivers of the US as far west as the Mississippi (noun)
  • A low open flat-bottomed railway goods wagon (noun)
  • A set of island shelves in a self-service shop: used for displaying goods (noun)
  • A broadcasting booth built close to the roof over an ice-hockey arena, used by commentators (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "gondola" in a sentence
  • "When a man wants to start a gondola, he will begin by buying one already half past service -- a _gondola da traghetto_ or _di mezza età_."
  • "A gondola is more beautiful, but the steam-launch takes one places, and an electric car is more comfortable than the hump of a camel."
  • "The solution was to suspend a gondola from a 160 feet high gantry by what are known as trolley wires, in order that this strange craft could ply (as it still does) across the River Tees with foot passengers and up to nine cars."