Definition of "glowing" [glowing]

  • (verb) Present participle of glow.
  • (noun) The action of the verb glow.
  • (adjective) That glows or glow.
  • (adjective) Full of praise.

Use "glowing" in a sentence

  • ""Suppose there was a great, wide steel grate here, and a great glowing fire -- a _glowing_ fire -- with beds of red-hot coal and lots of little dancing, flickering flames."
  • "On my side I've been mostly focused on what I call a glowing box report which is the daily report that we produce for our terminal partners."
  • "Abrahamson and Dinniss suggested that as the silicon vapour cools, it condenses into a floating aerosol, bound into a ball by charges that gather on its surface and glowing from the heat of the silicon recombining with oxygen."

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