Definition of "gillie" [gil•lie]

  • Scots A professional fishing and hunting guide. See Regional Note at mozo. (noun)
  • A low-cut sports shoe with fringed laces. (noun)

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Use "gillie" in a sentence
  • "There's some really awesome camo patterns out there but when it comes to really erasing the human outline a gillie is the way to go."
  • "Here is a link to where I purchased my bow huntin 'gillie, for anyone interested."
  • "Borrow's life, for, soon after, when he first came among gypsy tents, and saw the long-haired woman with skin dark and swarthy like that of a toad, and a particularly evil expression, and when her husband threatened to baste the intruder with a ladle, the boy broke forth into what in Romany would be called a "gillie," or ditty, ending --"