Definition of "ghent" []

  • An industrial city and port in NW Belgium, capital of East Flanders province, at the confluence of the Rivers Lys and Scheldt: formerly famous for its cloth industry; university (1816). Pop: 229 344 (2004 est) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Here we never get raw bananas in the shops unless if i go to a chinese or Indian shops which is in Brussels os ghent etc..."
  • "I get it. when you scroll down and turn your head sideways on anon 3:29, you get the elevation profile for the ghent wegevem, ghant wigglmen..whatever."
  • "All I'll say is that Brussels sux!!! ollix in Brussels-Manchester_London Trip for SM @ itunes Festival simonewhite ghent to brussels to london to new york. up for 24 hours straight but then sprang out of bed after only 4.5 hour sleep. body cuckoo clock. diego_salcedo in Brussels."
  • "blogboat - citizen journalism: this weekend in ghent Blog Boat 1.0 - Citizen Journalism."