Definition of "gazump" [gazump]

  • (verb) To swindle; to extort.
  • (verb) To raise the selling price of something (especially property) after previously agreeing to a lower one.
  • (verb) To buy a property by bidding more than the price of an existing, accepted offer.
  • (verb) To trump or preempt; to reap the benefit underhandedly from a situation that someone else has worked to create.
  • (noun) An automobile.

Use "gazump" in a sentence

  • ""He was a wonderful old boy who called me a couple of weeks later to tell me that a woman had tried to 'gazump' me," he says, pronouncing the word with a horrified Colonel Mustard accent."
  • "State schools are trying to "gazump" each other as they fight to attract the best pupils, research suggests today."
  • "Jones was already mulling over offers from Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur by the time United moved in and triggered the £16m release clause to gazump everyone."

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