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Definition of "gaming-house" [gaming-house]

  • A house where gaming is practised; a gambling-house; a hell. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "gaming-house" in a sentence
  • "Various circumstances had now acquainted him with the history of that wretched man, who was the younger son of the master of a great gaming-house."
  • "As you enter a gaming-house the law despoils you of your hat at the outset."
  • "Bonnac and his wife, with whom he had been for some time acquainted, the first use of his liberty formed a striking instance of his humanity and his rashness; for with nearly all the money, just received from his brother, he went to a gaming-house, and gave it as a last stake for the chance of restoring his friend to freedom, and to his afflicted family."