Definition of "fuel" []

  • Something consumed to produce energy, especially: (noun)
  • A material such as wood, coal, gas, or oil burned to produce heat or power. (noun)
  • Fissionable material used in a nuclear reactor. (noun)
  • Nutritive material metabolized by a living organism; food. (noun)
  • Something that maintains or stimulates an activity or emotion: "Money is the fuel of a volunteer organization” ( Natalie de Combray). (noun)
  • Any substance burned as a source of heat or power, such as coal or petrol (noun)

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  • The material, containing a fissile substance, such as uranium-235, that produces energy in a nuclear reactor (noun)
  • A substance that releases energy in a fusion reactor (noun)
  • Something that nourishes or builds up emotion, action, etc (noun)
  • To supply with or receive fuel (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "fuel" in a sentence
  • "Fossil fuel is a word made up by the Devil and promoted by the liberal media … all clear bobcat?"
  • "Each man had three strips, one for barley, one for wheat and one for grass, besides a right to pasture a cow or a pig and obtain fuel from the common fields."
  • "When the average person hears the term fuel cell, typically what comes to mind is something that mysteriously makes electricity from hydrogen."